Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Art in the Sunshine!!!!!!!!

Florida Surface Design Artists
We are the Surface Design Association representatives from Florida.  Shalini and I, Linda, invite you to spend a little time getting to know us and know all the exciting happenings in     the Sunshine State.  If we are not being to bold, we will introduce ourselves as    the August Artists of the Month.

Shalini Tandon
       Shalini Tandon

An award winning Orlando artist, Shalini has practice the art of batik and other media (watercolor, mixed media, etc.) for more than 35 years.  Originally from India, where she learned and graduated college with Fine Arts, the specialized techniques of batik, Shalini's art captures traditional and contemporary elements of people and their natural surroundings -- in colors from brilliant to subdue -- to create a visual story and fluid images.
The medium, batik, uses melted parafin and beeswax as resist for fabric dyes on silks, fine cottons, hand crafted papers and more.  The designs translate to fine collectible art for the home and unique wearable art from scarves to ties and handbags.  Some of her work is very impressionistic in style.  A Central Florida arts activist and Arts instructor, Shalini has been the president of Artists' League of Orange County and is a member of multiple arts organizations.  Her work can be found in private collections, galleries, and by appointment with the artist.  Three of Shalini's pieces are shown below.

Morning Respite
Man on the Edge

Poppy  Field

And a quote from Shalini, "A true art form should encourage the viewer to participate in its creation.  Through the use of imagination, the viewer should be allowed to create a story that underlies the visual interpretation and the art communicates with the viewer, and then becomes a part of the creation." 

Watch this spot.  Linda will be featured on a new post before the week ends.