Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet Katherine K. Allen

Hi fellow surface designers.  I am back from California and finally adjusted to the over stimulation of the scenery, the Art Cloth Network meeting and the time changes.  Best of all, I am getting to introduce the wonderfully artistic members from Florida to each other, to the SDA membership and to those who find and read this blog through out the world.  Our current Florida surface designer is Katherine K. Allen.  I have used her Artist's statement as an introduction.

Artist Statement

My artworks are a meditation on Nature. I am interested in evoking the keenly joyous moments, celebratory gestures and expressive colors I find in the natural world. In my tropical garden and studio woodlands I grow the plant materials used in my creative process. To me it is important that I am both conceptually and actually partnering with Nature in the making of my art.
Each new artwork begins with a plain piece of cotton or silk. I prepare the cloth by splashing, staining and painting with water-based pigments. Then in a screen printing process I enrich the fabric with shapes and lines using live plant materials as stencils. Overprinting multiple times with Acrylic Printing Inks results in a dense and complex surface. By design I am never in complete control of this printing process and an unpredictable and surprising effect occurs each time. Shapes and lines result from the falling splash of color and tossing of a leaf or string. These "marks of the moment" capture a beautiful physical logic. My aim is to preserve this residue of the process as much as possible in my finished artwork.

An important philosophy of harmony is communicated through co-mingling the gestures of the human body in motion and the natural forms of growth in the garden. I use threads stitched by hand and machine as both marks of time and to accentuate the serendipitous rhythms developed during the printing process. My goal is to create art that nourishes mind, eye and spirit.

 Below are several examples of Katherine's work.

Day and Night in the Garden

Every Leaf, Every Petal



Winter's Green


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Love it...wonderful creations... Thanks for sharing.