Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hello Florida artists,
lets get together here..


Heather said...

Hi Shalina and Linda - How great is this!!! Thank you ver myuch for hosting this new blog, we need it so badly! I am a neophyte when it comes to and blogging - but this makes me want to get on board!
I have had my nose buried in Jane Dunnewald's latest book, 'Art Cloth' for the past 2 weeks and highly recommend it to surface designers!
Currently I am working on yardage (silk) and art cloths, some simply wall mounted and some framed . I use all kinds of techniques, but really enjoy breakdown printing. Hope we get many followers as time goes by. Heather
p.s. I'll try and edit my photo!!! I chopped my head off! LOL

shalini said...

Hi Heather, will be good to feature your work too soon. Please send to Linda Dawson.